multitude of blessings

Still plugging away at my 1000 things to be thankful for….
11. seeing the sun shining from our school room window & talking with the kids about seeing God in everything
12. watching my boys wrestle in the yard with one another – and laugh and play
13. snuggle time with my angel (when she is sick and when she is not) – I am starting to realize how much I am going to miss these moments
14. moments on the floor putting puzzles together with little fingers and big smiles
15. talks on the phone with my dear friends who inspire me through their words and encouragement – for true sisters in Christ
16. a sweet & thoughtful husband who washed my car this weekend!
17. books like Along Came a Dog – and many others recommended by Ambleside – I cannot express how thankful I am for Ambleside!!
18. finding more time in each day by cutting computer time
19. finishing school in four days and playing on the fifth
20. our troops – who are in Haiti once again being heroes and helping the refuges!
It’s been a great Monday, we enjoyed the PS (public school) holiday with friends who were able to come over and play! We finished most of our school before they arrived and the kids did not even know who was coming! It was great to catch up and just let the kids have lots of fun! I love school holidays (even if we do not observe them)!
Looking forward to a week of warm weather, lots of playing outside, and maybe a trip to the zoo and the park!! Hope you are enjoying some great moments!!

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