Spreading Joy

This has been a week full of spreading joy!

We have had so many great days – first, 2 day with friends visiting (old & new), then a fun trip to the library, and today we ventured out to the Trinity River Audubon Center, with friends too. We had to take advantage of their Free Third Thursday deal especially with the weather we enjoyed!!

And tomorrow we are looking forward to a great trip to the zoo with friends again!

But today, it was just so much fun to see the delight my children had over simply being outside and looking at mostly dead plants and trees (okay, dormant). The did enjoy the turtles we saw. They also really did enjoy looking at the various seed pods we saw throughout the trail. But to see more about that you are going to have to wander over to HERE – our nature blog.
But I need to mention a few things I have been remiss in sharing. We are now the proud owners of this beauty!

This is a treasure I was given by a dear friend and my children are in love with it. Not a day has gone by that they are not enjoying it

I love listening to the kids play – relearning skills they have forgotten from lessons last spring. Robert is not thrilled with our new addition, but says when they play a little better he will be happier….he may not realize that could be a while. 🙂

We are pretty excited anyway – it is making music to my ears!!

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