Seeing the Sun

It is all about the weather these days!  If the sun is out, the kids are out and sometimes we are too!  If the sun is in, we are in and needing to be out!!  Here are some pics from a quick trip to the park Sunday after church with Robert’s folks – the kids were thrilled to be out and excited to have Grammie and Papa with us!

daddy and AG

E on the tree  march 2010 036 JB getting too big

So here are the grandparents and our children! 

Grammie and Papa with gang


Today we saw the sun too –we were so excited to go on a field trip to the Water Treatment plant in Dallas – such fun!  A little smelly –but very interesting & educational!!

another filter good algea

They do not use any chemicals!  Just algae and other organisms that eat all the bad stuff out of the water before they pump it into the Trinity River!  The kids loved it – stink and all!!


We even got to spend some time with new friends – one is from J’s basketball team with Upwards – we had no idea they Homeschool  – I think that was one of the best parts of the day!!

P & Jacob more boys

It was a good day – we got grain from Aledo (a hike of a drive) a field trip, and veggie pick up!  A busy day, but a prosperous one!  We need to find some time to stay home some!!


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