heart breaking

That is what they are experiencing right now.


The Compassion Bloggers – MckMama and We are that Family.

They are in Kenya with Compassion this week.  Their hearts are breaking as they touch lives, as they hold children, as they see homes.  And my heart is breaking too.

We live so abundantly.  We live so lavishly, even those of us who are struggling to make ends meet and get rid of debt.  I mean really.  These people spend 4-6 dollars a month for their house.  And I complain about my “lower rent” in our home.  Crazy! 

So as the tears fall as I read, I welcome those tears.  I mean, I want to be humbled.  I want to feel for those who have less than me.  But do I really mean that?  I mean it is scary to think about it.  Scary.  But they are living it, they cannot think about not being there.  Those moms with those children.  Those precious ladies who were not blessed to be born in a free nation, a wealthy nation (to say the least), a nation where most of us have lots of choices.  And I was.  My sons were.  My daughter was. 

So thank you Lord, that we were blessed.  But please break my heart, help me to feel for those families so far away.  Help me to teach my children to love you, serve you, and also love others more than themselves.  Help me to really plant that in their hearts!

So I hope you will join me as I live vicariously through these amazing blogging women and lets let our hearts break for these amazing people who Jesus loves!


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