Goodbye Cannon Beach

the family at the beachIt had to happen.  We had to say goodbye.  Goodbye Cannon Beach first, then off to Portland for lunch – then another goodbye – Robert this time.  He is flying right now back to Dallas to get back to work tomorrow. 

We made our lunch stop at another Diner Drive In, and Dive – in Portland – the Blue Plate

It was great!  We enjoyed the daily Chicken Parm special, several Slider plates and even a grilled cheese and tomato soup.  We had to try a few soda shop favorites too – I had a Chai Bomb (float) two kids had a Hawaiin float and the other two shared a Huckleberry Milkshake.  Another great stop.

So here we are for a couple final beach pics – thankfully it was not raining!

robert and janelle by haystackdad and kids before we leave

goodbye beach 

Had a good drive back to Dundee and we even had a bit of a surprise waiting for us!!

young deer in yardStill enjoying our Oregon Spring Trip!!


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