It has been a while since I have basked in the glory of a regular Monday.  Last week was a manic week for me – on many levels.  The week before I was driving from Colorado to Texas, and the 3 Mondays before that I was either travelling to Oregon or enjoying the rainy wonderful Oregon weather!

So today was so wonderful!  Really I love Mondays!!  I just love them.  They are like a fresh start for me every week.  Get the house in order after a care-free weekend (or whatever the weekend was – it never leaves the house in order), get back to the routine of school, get my to-do list started, etc.  I just love it!

Today was especially good since Robert finally had a few days where he did not go to work!  Woo Hoo – it was only about 3 weeks since his last day off – and we were enjoying those 3 days in Oregon on the beach.  So we were all in need to Dad/Robert having some time off work!  He even knocked out a few tasks on his to-do list. 

Here is some of the results of my work this Monday:

I did most of the sewing yesterday finishing 6 blocks, but today when I counted I realized I had to do 2 more.  So today I trimmed, irons, and started sashing my squares.  So exciting!  I hope it ends up being worth all this work, I hope I love my finished quilt, but I am afraid that I will not.  We will see.

Here is where I am right now…

( here are my rows laid out on my bed so I could see what I think – there will be brown in between the rows too – then brown all the way around)

quilt along 010 quilt along 008 quilt along 009

I have my rows together,  I need to make some little squares that will go in the corners and then add the brown between my rows.  But I am getting there. 

I did get some bread made too – so that is always fun to enjoy in the morning. 

I have not added to my grateful list in a while, here is for today and the past few weeks …


I am so truly grateful for

102.  my children who are children and drive me crazy – but whom I love so much and treasure immeasurably

103. my husband who works so hard, and dedicated himself to our family

104. my friends who encourage me when I am manic and need someone to tell me what to do (like reading on the grass in the sun)

105. my church, where I am filled spiritually, and educationally as I learn so much from our pastor – and where I find like minded friends

106. time to sew in the afternoon

107. tea (from Stash or Hanley and Sons) and the memories with my mom

108. time to run off to Oregon to spend some quality time growing closer to my mom and Louie

109. teaching my kids about Wyoming while driving through the state (and Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Oregon & Utah)

110. for the freedoms that homeschool allows our family – and the joy it brings into our home

111. for new friends taking the plunge into the unknown homeschool world – and demonstrating faith and obedience to God

112. for balanced hormones – what a difference a couple days make!

113. for people in my life who I love and who love me – and show me forgiveness even when I do not deserve it – I am blessed by your love and encouragement!

114. for all the things that I take for granted – but if I lost them tomorrow would be sorry.

Finally, if you read this today or tomorrow, say a prayer for those in your life who you love – especially your spouse.  My friend/classmate lost her husband yesterday (Sunday) in a tragic cycling accident – so she is now a widow at 37 or so – with 2 small children.  Life is so precious – treasure those you celebrate your life with, and never take any day for granted.  I am praying for Michelle and her children as they navigate this horrible time, and I pray for peace and comfort from our Heavenly Father for each of them.


1 thought on “Mondays…

  1. I will pray for your friend who lost her husband….you are right. Life is so precious and we need to treasure each day. Glad to hear you and your family are home safe and you all seemed to have had a good time.

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