I read an amazing blog post today – @ A Holy Experience – I love how she writes.  She fills my soul with her reflective writing and her words of life.  I hope you will journey over to read her words. 

So I am setting a goal of choosing to be grateful when my mind wants me to feel other emotions.  Like fear of change – grateful that we are in a place that can allow change to happen.  Fear of not enough, being grateful that we have so much, more than we need.  I want to be grateful for all that we have, and have the faith to trust the One who gave it all to us and who watches over us.  I trust Him, not anyone or anything else.

So here are a few things I am thankful for tonight:

How sweet is this?  This is my shy little one – she has days when she opts out of talking and since Wednesday night she has been singing this for us – only when everyone asks and we all sit and listen – but still – TOO SWEET!!


And I am so thrilled that I am almost done with this

quilt along 006 Quilt 1 quilt along 004 quilt along 005

I still have work to do in this, but it is getting there!!  I cannot believe it – I love the brown sashing.  I still do not love all my squares and there are lots of mistakes, but I think I am going to LOVE this quilt because it is my first one and – well I just think I will – not sure all the reasons why!

So as we are about to embark on another journey as a family – looking for a job, listening for God to direct our steps, tonight I am choosing not to fear, not to worry, but to replace those emotions with gratefulness.  I am ever so grateful.  For honest friends that I can be so real with.  People who love me for who I am and despite all my issues.  For my wonderful children who delight in me for reasons I cannot figure out.  For a husband who takes such great care of us and works so hard.  And for a man who trusts that God is in charge even when the waters are treacherous.

So thank you.  And Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there – you are doing a great job and it is the most important job in the world!!


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