what a bunch of days

We have had a busy 9 days or so and it does not look like it is going to slow down too much for a few more.

Wednesday we were blessed with a wonderful visit with my brother and Silvia!  Great pictures and just lots of fun getting to know everyone!


May 2010 041

Thursday we were immensely blessed by a wonderful Tea Party compliments of Jana!  She arrived at our home with baskets of plates, serving bowls & cake stands and tons of yummy food!!  it was so much fun!  My kids all love tea, but having a full scale tea party made it even more fun!!

tea foodwonderful tea party

Friday were invited to swim with friends at their pool – so the kids were in heaven there too!  We enjoyed a pizza supper on the patio and just had a great day!!

Saturday we trekked out to Cedar Hill State park (“Chigger Hill”) to see our boy scout friends who were camping on their Family Campout!  Lots of fun there too – Robert joined us and we were able to sit and talk with several friends from Sunday School and enjoy the great outdoors!  We did bring home some friends – AKA Chiggers – and  I may not ever go back to Cedar Hill now.  Oh well – still a fun day!


mom and ag

AG and A in the hammock

AG laying on daddy 

Some baby birds who were nesting at the campsite – fun to watch!baby birds at CH chopping wood 2


Sunday we drove down the Houston and spent the afternoon with cousins again swimming – and it does not get any better than swimming in Houston on a hot day!


terri and kids in pool daddy and 2 boys

Monday we swam some more while Robert had a interview.  Then we drove back up so he could get back to work before they missed him!

Tuesday we had dentist visits for all 4 kids – love to do a 4 for 1 trip anywhere!!  So that was great to see our favorite dentist and get generally good reports.

Wednesday was a whirlwind day : started at the zoo with our friends the Jackson Family, then we joined them again swimming, then we ended the day with some time at church.  We all slept well that night!!

Today we trekked out to Honey Grove (our temp. home last fall) to search for Robert’s good suit and low and behold it was there!  We were thrilled to have the Jackson’s with us to play and enjoy the quiet country!!   We enjoyed a picnic lunch on the porch and let the kids run loose for a while before heading back to the city.

SJ sweet smile AG and L at the cabin 

She is holding a Daddy Long leg here that she picked up!AG w daddy long leg girls in tall grass Kimberlie and S on swing my country girl 2 PJ & L in the grass

Tomorrow our Colorado friends will arrive – the Dawson Family – and they will sweat off some pounds in this heat – but we cannot wait to see them!  We are going to our favorite restaurant tomorrow night – then plan to spend a lot of time around the house playing Settlers, catching up and letting the kids play.

So life will not slow down until maybe Monday, but we may even get together with friends then too.  Who knows?  It has been fun to be so busy these past many days!  God is good to keep my body and my mind busy as I have a tendency to stress about the “worries” of life.  And that is not what he wants me to do.  So I am thankful for friends who are keeping me busy and keeping my mind off interviews and jobs!!  Who knows, maybe next week we will have good news to report


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