Wonderful Weekend!!

It is so fun to get together with old friends with so many shared interests!!

families may 2010  AG and SD smiling AG smiling in pink dawson and cole kids

This weekend the Dawson family drove out from Colorado to see us and spend a few nights.  While here they did get a Chuy’s fix too – since they have been missing that!!  In fact we made it there 2 times in 3 days!!  But it was great!

We did get to play with the smoker too and enjoyed some great ribs that Robert made on Saturday and snacks on some turkey Sunday night.

We played our favorite game of Settlers a couple times – Robert being the overall Victor with Brian and I not coming close to winning…oh well!

We were so thankful on Saturday when a friend called to offer the use of her pool to us due to our AC being out!  Not the best plan (the AC part) especially for the Dawson’s who are not used to Texas heat any more!!  The pool was great for everyone!

So now it is almost back to normal life for our family, after Monday anyway.  Today we are heading back to the pool with the Jackson family to enjoy some fellowship with them (with the Dad’s this time).

Hopefully we will hear some news this week on the job front….we will see!!


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