Is she a…..

Visitor or new family member??

katie 2010 002


katie 2010 009

This was a Father’s Day surprise this morning, compliments of our wonderful husband/daddy…..

He spotted our girl on the sidewalk on the way out of our neighborhood as we headed to my parents for lunch.  She was lethargic and sitting in the shade on the sidewalk.  So while Robert talked on the phone to someone at work, I stopped to check on her and she was not healthy or happy.

She walked right up to me as I talked to her – her eye was crusted and I suspected she was missing an eye.

The kids never really saw her, we took her back to the house to put her in a box to take to the shelter tomorrow.  I left her some milk in a bowl but suspected she would not know how to drink it.

So as we headed off to Fort Worth my dear daughter announced that the kitten’s name was Katie – and that she loved her so much.  Mind you she never saw the cat.

But she was right, our new friend is a girl. 

So while out looking for food I met up with some people from the rescue place (at petsmart) and they told me the shelter will not save her – she is too young.  So not sure about Katie’s future.  But she is sweet – likes the kids and seems to be surviving!

So after a little clean up it turns our she has both eyes!!  And after tracking down some kitten food I think she has a full belly and seems happy.  She is sleeping right now right next to me – I think she likes it here!

katie 2010 005

So we’ll keep you posted!!


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