busyness and stress

Not a good combination! 

We have been so busy these last few weeks – busy spending fun days with friends, running back and forth to Corsicana to look at houses, and having friends over to play.  I think somewhere along hte way my children lost their minds – their sense of obedience and respect for authority. 

So today we are s l o w i n g – d o w  n – and staying home.  The kids are relegated to their rooms or doing a chore or eating a meal.  We have had so many moments the last week and a half or so of kids being downright disobedient that I cannot take it anymore. 

I admit, I have been lazy.  I have not disciplined immediately and swiftly.  I have threatened, warned, and ignored too much!

So – here we are.  Home.  All day.  I expect to have a tidy & clean house at the end of the day, a clean car and clean bedrooms (including closets).  I expect to have children mind a bit better too.

And I am thinking that my increased stress level over our impending move is affecting my children as well as me, and I need to get a handle on it all.  So slowing down will be good for me too.  I am going to read some of my AMAZING book by Ted Dekker – The Bride Collector – and bake some bread, which is always therapeutic and maybe even have a cup of tea (it may need to be iced, but oh well).

On a good note, Robert is enjoying Guardian – a lot.  I think he is going to enjoy his time there and I know he is going to do well.  Our kitty is growing bigger, eating lots of solid food and playing more and more too!  So life is good aside from a few areas.  And once we get moved life will be really good.

katie cat sleeping

Here are some pics from our July 5th party:

professional diver - watch out 2 ladies jumping AG with drops of water C frick in the air Ed and Ag by the pool JB crazy jump LS in the air PJ head first

on the wrong side of the board

We did have a delightful visit with my Aunt Wren and Uncle Ed this week – they stopped by for some dinner on Monday night before they checked in to their hotel at DFW getting ready to fly to WA to catch their cruise to Alaska!  It was a great night of fellowship and fun – here is my aunt playing the piano with PJ watching!  It was great for them to show her what they know and for her to give them some great tips.

 PJ and aunt wren

When they come back through DFW we are joining them on a trip to tour the Dallas Cowboys Stadium!! Can’t wait for that!  Then we are off to Maine shortly after that.  So life is going to get better here pretty quickly as we get ready for some great visits along the way and some great time up north!!


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