What’s new

Well, not too much.  I do have my car back – after 2 days this week without it. 

We have not settled on the details of the house we want – and are still negotiating on all that.

But I am not sure I have gone into all the details of what is going on with us these days.

So here is a quick recap of the last 8 weeks or so.  Work at Dr Pepper quickly turned bad – Robert was working about 80-85 hours a week when we realized that this was not where we wanted to be.  Next we re-entered the job hunt world.  It did not take too long this time, and Robert was in the midst of 2 potential job offers – one in Houston with Ryland Homes – and the other was in Corsicana with Guardian Glass.  Well, Ryland was not moving and Guardian was sprinting.  So we chose the job at Guardian feeling that is was more secure than the home building market.

So Robert left Dr Pepper the end of June and started the following Monday at Guardian.  It is still early but he is really enjoying the people and the work.  He does not love the drive to Corsicana every day, but hopefully that will come to an end soon.

So, today we are trying to get a home.  I am packing us all up to head to Maine (the kids and I) to open the house, and relax.  Then my in-laws arrive, then Robert and his brother and his family arrive.  We are going to have a great time up there and lots of pictures to show for it I suspect!!

Seeing lots of family along the way in Mississippi – family/friends in North Carolina and maybe even more along the way.

So there it is, a quick recap.  Life is good – it will be better once we have a contract on a house!!  Hope it will be soon!!


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