Go Cowboys!

If you know me, you know I do not love the Cowboys – I think it has to do with my ANTI-Cowboys upbringing!  However, we had a fantastic day today touring the new stadium with my Uncle and Aunt from Mississippi!  It was great!

4 kids with stadium behind


Here is my aunt with all the kids – in the cheerleader’s locker room!

wren and kids

The little ones with the stadium in the back!!  AG with stadium behindED with helmetHere is J with my uncle at the start of the tour!

Ed and JB


Here are my uncle and aunt enjoying the sweet seats in the suites!!  Big money here people!!

ed and wren in good seats

Here are 2 boys doing the same thing!

good seats

Here is my sweet little boy with a BIG jersey on!!   Ed in jersey

2 boys with the field behind them!

   JB and ED

Here is my biggest boy – still tiny in this uniform!  I think Romo would be proud!

JB as Romo

My big boy enjoying the sights!!

JB with field behind

Here is a favorite pic of the day!

 kids on c2

Here is my second son enjoying some jersey time too!

 PJ as Romo PJ in Romo's jersey

Even the helmet is huge!!


PJ with helmetHere he is living the dream for a couple hours!!

pj with stadium behindPS – just thought I would share how I brought my good camera, but did not check for the memory card!! Ughhh!!  But My phone stepped up and did a great job!!  Go iPhone!!  I was so glad to catch some great memories!!


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