On the road again

Do you think that song is about my family?  It could be! 🙂


Well, tomorrow we hit the road for our big 2010 Summer Vacation Road Trip!!  I am pretty much thrilled to hit the road tomorrow with my 4 kiddos.  We are heading to Mississippi first to see my Uncle and Aunt – then we head to NC to see the Lewis Family – and then we are on the final leg of our trip. 

Destination: Maine

The kids and I are going to be up there for a little more than a week before Robert meets us up there.  We are so excited to get our annual fill of lobster, Dorman’s Ice cream, and Amato’s Italian sandwiches.  Oh my, my mouth is watering thinking about it!

So we are pretty much packed, carting some legos up there, lots of books, and too many color pencils and coloring items to count.  I am sure we will have lots of pictures to share – since three of us will have cameras – wow!!  Seriously both my big boys are managing their own cameras for this trip.  So hopefully we will not overload my computer with too many pics.  But we will see!

The house is moving forward – it looks like we will close in August when Robert gets back from Maine.  Then we will start to redecorate (paint) for about a week and a half – then we move in just after Labor Day.  I am pretty excited to be picking paint colors and trying to decide what we will do in each room.  Not sure about anything yet, but excited!!

So…. stay tuned for updates – most likely through pics!!


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