40th Anniversary

Today we celebrated Betsy and Leslie’s 40th Wedding Anniversary.  They are my in-laws.  It was so fun to celebrate that milestone with them, and to celebrate in Maine.

We started out the celebration at the Samoset Golf Course for brunch.  Our family headed out early to make a few stops and ended up at the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse before we went to eat.

Here is the view of the coast from the breakwater.  So pretty.

from breakwatersweet boys at breakwater


AG and mommy

We saw a scuba diver wandering around underwater – then we met her in the parking lot on our way out and heard about all the things she observed.  Fun!

scuba diver seaweed at breakwater   boys at breakwater  robert and janelle at breakwater

Then we met up with the rest of the family to have a wonderful brunch meal!  

Mimosas all around, Shirley Temples for the kids, and too much food to mention. 

Snaggle tooth with whoopie pie AG and big cupcake

AG at Samoset


Daddy and boys at Samoset 

After we stuffed ourselves, we went back to the house, changed clothes, and then we headed out to Owl’s Head Lighthouse – our FAVORITE lighthouse.  We love to go at low tide and explore the star fish!!

OH star fish 

PJ and starfish .PJs finds at OH

 pruple star fish 

5 star fish on rock 

AG and daddy


Microscopic (Almost) baby starfish – so cool to find these little one!Baby star fish


Closeup finds

JB and sea urchin

We then got everyone together on the porch for an annual picture of the family

Family at point  
It was a great day for all our families!


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