Family Reunion

This was our first time to attend the Redmond Family reunion up here in Maine, yesterday.  Robert had attended reunions with this part of his family before, but not at this specific camp on that specific lake, or with our family.

Betsy saying hi sisters wading

Above is Betsy waving and with her sister wading in the water.


boys on sandbar

   Daddy and AG snuggling brian and C3 snuggling

Here are the dad’s with their girls.

kayac ride with Diane

 Diane taking kids in the boat

Out on the Kayak – with Cousin Diane

 Leslie helping out

Leslie helping with the Kayak

 Diane with 2 cold kids

Cousin Diane with 2 cold little kids


AG by the boat a bit cold 

view from the lake

Such a view we had all day – so pretty!!

C1 in the water PJ jumping off the dock

 boys in the water cousins in the water

Swimming with the cousins!

AG wading in the water C3 wading but cold C3 wading in the water ED in the lake

Some more kids pics in the water.

Brian and Lisa by lake

Brian and Lisa by the water

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting the cousins and playing at the lake.  It was so fun to hear the stories of years past, and how everyone was related.  The kids had so much fun wading out in the water and swimming with their distant cousins – the water was warmer than the air most of the day I think. 

It was a great day – a long day, since we left about 7pm and drove 2 hours to get back to the Point.


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