A perfect day in Maine

I think yesterday (Thursday) was my favorite day of our trip!  It was so much fun to hang out with Betsy’s cousin Diane who lives on  a lake in Waterville Maine.  We were invited up when we talked at the family reunion last weekend.  So we took up her wonderful offer and had a perfect day!!

The kids were so excited to play on the jet skis, the tube, the kayaks, and anything else she was willing to offer up!


Our gracious hosts – Brian and Diane (surrounded by our kids)


brian and diane 

getting ready to head to the lake


on the way


ED jumping off dock


ED tubing

 AG and daddy


The water was tons of fun – the view was spectacular – it was just such a fun day!!


view on the way

another view

tubing prep

tubing 101  Jumping off the dock – lots of fun!!

jb jumping again

The kids on their own in a paddle boat!

kids in paddle boat 2

my little fish!

my little fish 

ready to snorkel

ready to snorkel


After lots of fun at the lake we were talked in to staying for supper – and that was great too!!  Yummy Chicken Enchilada soup as an appetizer, then we had an amazing grilled pork loin (melt in your mouth) with some tasty roasted potatoes!  We choked down some ice cream after that!  Really, it was just a great ending to the perfect day in Maine!!  Getting to spend time with family we did not really know, from here, was just great!!  We enjoyed Diane’s children too – Michelle and Nick – both in college and both so great to play with the kids!

Hoping this could be a Maine tradition!! 


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