Yesterday (Wednesday) we trekked to town (Freeport Maine – home of LLBean) for most of the day.  We found some bargains (well, deals), we stocked up on shoes it seems for just about the whole family.  On the way, we stopped at Monsweag – an antique flea market/swap meet – and we did find some treasures there!

When we got home the tide was heading out but not there yet, so Robert got all his gear ready to go clamming.  This is an annual tradition – at least once he heads out to clam in the mud just below the house.  THe kids trailed along this time to watch and learn, and help too.

He gathered enough for everyone to enjoy them with our supper – the kids too!!  Here are the pics of the kids helping out while playing too!

A nice pot of clams!

cleaned up clams

A little girl and her papa playing on the rocks

AG and papa

walking to a different spot to see how that fares

hunting for clams 

a view of the mud flats

claiming the island 

digging deep to find the good ones!

finding clams 

the first few finds….

first clams

The kids have caught the bug – the helped a lot, but even more, they enjoyed the reward!!


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