excited about what looms on the horizon

We can hardly stand it.  In another day we head to our new house to start painting and getting it all ready to move in.

We are going to be camping in the new house while we strip wall paper and re-texture the dining room and paint all the other rooms.  We are going to just stay down there a while so Robert does not have the commute any longer.  The kids will love exploring their new yard : 7.4 acres.  I know we are going to have treasures galore show up at the house. 

We are going to get the house ready for about a week and then head back up to Irving to pack this house up for the real move.

Next up is getting the fall/winter garden ready to plan.  Robert has it all mapped out on graph paper and the seeds are waiting to be planted : he is serious people!!  More than I expected!!

Then we plan to move on to planning the chicken coop.  The chickens should be here sometime next month – but they will not need the coop for several other months.

No telling where we will go from there, but check in here and we will keep everyone up to date on the latest Farm Happenings with the Cole Clan – and I can promise lots of pictures too!!

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