latest happenings

We are in the midst of our move these days.  After many nights of sleeping on an air mattress, inhaling way too many paint fumes, and trying to keep kids entertained, we are about to officially move in.  We are all up in Irving this weekend (Labor Day) to have a little break before things get even crazier!

We are also getting a chance to celebrate our second born son’s birthday –he turned 8 today!  Where has the time gone?

So, life is good, busy (who is not busy these days), but good.  We are so excited to get moved in, we are so looking forward to our real beds, to a full kitchen, and to hours of fun in our vast yard!!

We have painted almost every surface in our new home – we still have a closet or two and a few base boards here and there – but we are slowing turning this old house in our new home.

I am most excited about fixing up our new school room – which is really a school building – there is tons of space, a wood burning stove (for those chilly winter school days) and even a water fountain – yes, an honest to goodness water fountain and a pencil sharpener that I used when I was in school!  It is going to be tons of fun moving into that building and getting our school set up!

So, we may not be keeping up so much on here, we are hanging in there!  I have tons of pictures I have taken – mostly my “before” shots – but plan to get many more “after” shots – but somehow I forgot my camera in Malakoff today, so it will be at least a week before I post any pics of our new home.  But I will!!

So keep praying for our family as we make this transition – it may be a challenge for a few of us.  We are excited, but will be happy when we are there and settled!

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