our first day in our new home

It has been a long day!!  Yesterday we finished loading the truck, we cleaned the house (think SAMI for those USMA people), then we trekked down to sleep and get ready to get our stuff off the truck! 

You do not realize how much stuff you have until it is all in boxes and you have to find a home for it all!  I have no idea where it will all go – but I know I cam going to purge as I unpack!!

So AGs room is all put together, mostly unpacked, and she is in heaven!!  She loves her pink room and loves having her girly toys in there with her.  Living with her brother has not been delightful to her this past year!

The boys have their beds together, but that is about it.  We have lots of rearranging with dressers and closet stuff and putting away.  The toys are going in their room, which is a first for us!

Here is our new home (built in 1960 – so it is pretty old)

the house

View from the front door – that is the pond beyond the trees

the view of hte pond from the door


The rest of the house is a mess!!  but here are some pics (before and after)

KITCHEN/Dining room


 kitchen before 1



scraping wall paper 1 kitchen inprogress


kitchen after


Here is the living room


libing room before


living room


 front door and bookcase before



living room after 2

More pics later, I am tired and it is getting late (8:30) 🙂

I will post school room pics tomorrow too – cannot wait to get that room together!!

More boxes tomorrow …  we will get there!!

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