Progress is slow but fruitful!

What a week it has been for our family.  Here is a brief recap….

we packed one house

packing up boxes everywhere

until it looked like this

empty house 

then we took everything to Malakoff on a big truck, but our driveway is rather long so they rented a uhaul to “shuttle” our stuff to the house

unloading our big truck to a uhaul 

while the kids played

box fun while moving

and often got a ride in the uhaul which they loved (and the packers preferred since they were sure they were not in the way if they were next to them) 🙂

kids out of harms way

so now, I am still surrounded by boxes (at least it feels that way), but slowly I am making progress here you can see that

I will repeat a pic, but here is the before of our kitchen

kitchen inprogress


kitchen before 1

and here we are moved in….

  corner with china cabinet corner with cabinetdining room off kitchen

(the above pics looks a bit bigger than it really is)

This pic should put the room into perspective

kitchen from dining room 


kitchen oven bigger view 

bread corner


This is my bread making area – I was so happy to get it all out and set up yesterday and today so that I could get some bread in the oven today! 

The first batch of bread in our home signals that it is officially our new home!  Robert will be happy when he comes home and smells it!

The kitchen is obviously my favorite room, but I am making progress in some other rooms too.  The school room is going to be a work in progress for some time, but we did empty boxes for about 90 minutes this morning.

Here is the boy’s room

boys room

All 3 are in there, and while it may seem snug, they all seem quite happy with the set-up!

and now, it is official

malakoff tx 2010 026

and on the way (in 20 minutes)

malakoff tx 2010 027

Off to do more unpacking & putting away ~

So many boxes to unpack, so much stuff…..


1 thought on “Progress is slow but fruitful!

  1. Love the pics. But I'm confused, where in the kitchen is the bread making area? I can't find a reference point to connect the dots. Keep the pics coming, though. Its fun to see your new home!

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