Just another day

We spent all day working around here again, putting up mirrors, a few pictures and some other random stuff.  Robert was not working today (which always makes our days a little more fun).  After supper (Buffalo Taco Salad – yummy) we all trekked down to the pond to feed the fish, this is what we saw….


waiting for the fish to bite

The sun setting behind the trees

AG in the weeds at the pond

A sweet little girl in the weeds by the pond

another bite

A few fish biting – always a treat!

big spider closeup 

A local banana spider

racoon tracks

signs of raccoons


And earlier this was what was going on with my big boy

He was mowing the grass!! Yeah!

malakoff tx 2010 065 

Here he is quite proud of himself

my big grass cutter 


And finally another cute shot of this sweet little girl, who is loving living out here, riding bikes on our street, catching grasshoppers, running around barefoot, and just loving this country life!!

sweet girl

In case I confused you, my bread making station is off the main kitchen.  Our kitchen layout is a bit odd, but if you are standing at the stove facing away, there is a bar sticking out between you and the laundry room, next to the fridge and to the left past that bar is my bread area.  It is weird, but so far it is working out ok!

Other than our impatient waiting on the cooler weather, life is good here!!

life is good


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