New Garden

Today Robert put in our first garden here in Malakoff.

garden supplieshard working man

The hard worker


The helpers


new garden

The first stage – empty garden

proud helper

A happy helper with his work

plantingputting in seeds

Planting seeds with Daddy

ag planting with dad      

So that was the big news of our day.

Progress is being made in the school room, it is still a work in progress, but here are a few pics of the school

kids area 2

Here is the kids play area – hopefully the little ones will be happy over there when I am doing some more serious school with the bigger two.

kids area 


Here is the same area with the costume area and AG’s little people area set up.

school bathroom

Here is our school bathroom – this needs some love and lots of work!  But it is starting to look decent.

 school table

This is our school table set up – the corner will be a our nature center with all our nature collections.

 break time fussball

Here is our break-time fun – Fussball and Air Hockey (the air hockey is currently a table but soon will be cleared and operational)

 computer work area


This is our computer & supply area – it is right next to the school table. 

And lastly

working ac

My WORKING AC – this thing really works and we just figured out how to turn it on today when we moved a hutch that was blocking the thermostat!  So excited to have a cool room to work and school now!!  yeah!

Still processing those pears – today I made 2 batches of Pear-Sauce and plan to make some jam tomorrow.  I cannot believe how many pears we have!  But it will be worth it this Christmas for gifts!  yeah!

Life is great here in the country – we are loving it!!

Oh, yeah.  I almost forgot, I did get a few pics of the kids this am when the sun was coming up – here is my favorite

best 4 kids in grass  I wish AG was smiling, but I still love that they are all in close and look too cute!! 

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