Pears, Pears and then some more pears!!

malakoff tx 2010 fishery and pears 032

I still have a laundry basket full of pears.  That is after the 3 batches of pear sauce I am currently making and the other 3 batches of jam I made this morning.malakoff tx 2010 fishery and pears 034


But I wanted to share some great recipes that I have found work out well! 

First, for my Pear Sauce (Aka Apple Sauce – except with pears) I used THIS recipe for apple sauce and used my pears. 

Then I either canned that Pear Sauce in a hot water bath, or I stored it in the fridge for later use.malakoff tx 2010 fishery and pears 033

Today I took some pear sauce out of the fridge and used it to make Carrot Cake Jam and Spiced Caramel Pear Jam – both were amazing after they set.   For both of these, I used Pear Sauce instead of peeling, chopping and whatever else to the pears if called for.  I simply measured  the pear sauce to what the recipe called for for the pears.  This made jam making much faster and easier, having the pear sauce ready to go.

Now I am cooking my last batch of pear sauce right now and plan to can 3-4 quart size jars of simple pear sauce to eat like apple sauce.  One batch though I am adding in some brown sugar and some spices and I plan to can this in pint jars and use for dessert sauce – maybe on some pumpkin bread, or ice cream, or whatever else sounds good. 

I have been trying to eat plain yogurt in the morning for breakfast and so I could easily mix in my sweet sauce and have a yummy breakfast treat! 

So while I was busy with my pears, Katie was playing in a Braum’s bag – she was having lots of fun, then she caught me watching

katy playing 

And was not too happy to be interrupted!!

   katy caught me watching

Okay, I am done with pears for at least today.  It was lots of work, but at least it was productive!


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