Tools of the trade

So I implemented a new tool in the past week or so.  While working on the house a couple of weeks ago – I was listening to a Family Life Today broadcast and they were talking about prayer.  (click HERE to go to the broadcast) I am sure I have heard many people talk about prayer, how they pray, ways to pray, things to pray about, etc.  This time though, it seemed different.  This was a man who talked about how he prayed everyday.  He had a small stack (well small is my interpretation – not really sure how big the stack was) of 3×5 cards that he carried everywhere. [I think this appealed to the former Army Officer in me since I always had 3×5 cards on me with notes]
He explained that he had a card for everyone in his life he was praying daily for.  He had the same one he started with years ago for his children – and specific prayers he prayed over them and for them over the years.  I am not sure my specific cards will last years, but I loved the idea of note cards with each person’s name.  He then said he put requests, needs, and verses on these cards that he was praying.  Then whenever he had a few moments in his day he would pray through them.  He said it is usually a 30 second prayer per person.  This is what caught my attention.  This is not a system to add hours of prayer to my already busy day.  This was a system that I could implement today and might just last a while!
So I got out some note cards, put each child’s name on a card, then put many other cards in there (parents, brother(s), friends, our nation) and I start each day praying through these cards – it is very quick – not insignificant quick, but doable quick.  I love that each time I look at my card for one of my kids I am reminded of the real battles he needs me to help him fight through, not just what comes to mind that morning.  It reminds me of the important stuff, then I found character traits that I am specifically praying for each of my kids (their weaknesses).
I have really felt like this way of praying for those in my life is much more significant than anything I have ever done before. 
So that is one tool I want to rave about today.
The other is HERE.
It is a chore chart generator for your home.  I saw this and saved it on my computer the other day.  Today I was able to actually play with it a little while and OH MY!!  It is so good!  You can make it do anything you want.  I can go in and assign chores specific to each child each day – and have daily ones too.  I just love it.  I cannot wait to implement it next week.  It is going to get our home running much smoother I think!!
Hope one of these tools will help you simplify your life!!

3 thoughts on “Tools of the trade

  1. Janelle,
    I'm so glad you found my blog, and so I found you 🙂 we use a chore system too and boy does it simplify life!

    I'm clicking over to see the chart generator… sounds dreamy 😉

    So you AO too?! How old are your kids?

    amy in peru

  2. Amy, how fun to have you visit me too!! We have 4 kids – 9, 8, 6 and 4 – I am using AO yr 3 this year for my 2 oldest and will start AO 1 next year with my younger too! Love it!!

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