State Fair 2010

Our big day at the State Fair!  So much fun, so much food, so many calories!!

First, we did the kids hands on farm thing – the kids always love this – and they get that free snack at the end which is always a fun treat too!!

 about to farm about to farm 2


driving the tractor

Then we went through the Ocean Spray booth and the V8 booth for some free juice samples – yummy & FREE!!  Fun too!!

Then we made sure to stop by for some free Floats – these are always a favorite!!

PJ had Big Red (which we thought was not so yummy) the rest of us had root beer – much yummier!!

big red float


root beer floats


We had to get our annual Turkey leg too – felt very carnivorous while eating that.  A year of less meat has changed how I feel about meat!

 turkey leg time


We enjoyed the Animal Kids barn – lots of fun stuff there like this friendly giraffe

 ED and giraffe JB and giraffe

Had to get a Big Tex pic – amazing how fast these kids are growing and how big too!!

 kids by Big Tex closeup

Gotta get on some tractors – something about this just makes the kids love it!

  little girl in big tractor


 little girl in scoop


On our way out, we saw this Bird Show – by far my favorite part!!  Not sure how we have missed this show for the past several years!!  So much fun to watch these majestic birds!!

If you look close enough you will see my 2 boys on the screen at the end seeing the birds close-up!

  kids on big screen


All in all – it was a fun day.  Free tickets to get in made it even better!  Can you tell we enjoy the State Fair on a small budget?  I think it makes it even more fun!!


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