Improving Life ‘round here

So we are 2 weeks into our chore chart that I talked about here,  and I wanted to just say that I LOVE IT!!  The kids love checking things off each morning (that is when we knock most chores out).  I love that I can go in at the end of the week and add new chores (like picking up the poop from our puppies) or something else I forgot.

The best part is that they are in charge of it – I am not trying to figure out what they need to do, what needs to be done, or who is doing what.  And if we stay on track most days, the bathroom (theirs) gets cleaned, their room stays “decent” and the floors stay clean too.  So I am pretty happy.  We have our designated kitchen helper each day and this helps with dumping the compost bin, vacuuming the kitchen floor after meals and the dishwasher.  They also have the honor of helping me cook, and they love that.

So this has made life a bit less stressful around here.  They do not grumble as much when they see their list as when I ask them to do something – so that is nice too!

The garden is coming in wonderfully!  We had a heavy rain yesterday and it looks like it loved it!  I will take pics later today to post – the radishes are coming in like crazy – too bad I don’t like ‘em!!

Another week of school is off to a good start, we so love our Ambleside curriculum!  We love to read all these great books, the kids are learning cursive (they asked, I was not planning on it) and our little girl is begging for her reading lesson each day!  We may have another reader soon!!

We are off today to get involved with 4H – cannot wait for that!  The kids are so excited!  Hopefully we will figure out something we can do with 4H this year to get our feet wet!

life is good


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