words to remember

I seem to be thinking a lot lately about scripture memorization.  I started the year planning a verse every two weeks.  What happened?  What always happens, I miss a week, and fall off the train.  I have tried to keep up with my list though, looking over the ones that now reside in my heart, reminding myself of their truths.

But as for a weekly or every other week schedule, I have not been there.  Partly I blame school, we have been out of school so much over the summer and into fall… But now we are schooling, and I have felt unprepared in this area.  Usually I have a verse I am working on, and then I offer one to the kids, in Irving the kids would come home on Wednesday night each week with a verse to memorize and we used that for school – copy work, memorization and so on.  So we started up this year and I did not have a list to go off of, for them, nor were we settled into a church that sent them home with a verse. 

But, then!  I went to that Simply Charlotte Mason conference and she turned my “scripture memory system” light on!  Yesterday Robert stopped and got my recipe box (just a simple one from just about any store) and a set of dividers for that box.  I had the notecards and so, this morning I set to work!

I labeled all my sections : 1 for each day of the week, one for odd, and one for even and then one for each day 1-31.  I already had lots of cards with verses on them, ones we have used in the past for copy work, ones I lived with during the time of our “sabbatical” and ones I have been working on this year.  So now, I just need to put them behind certain dividers.  Then each day I go through the box and read the cards in the even/odd day (depending) and the ones behind the day of the week it is, and finally the ones behind the date.  As we commit one to memory we add a new one to that section. 

I plan to print out the Bible Drill verses to use also, I really want my kids working on those even if we never get to compete! 

Finally I will also be back in the swing of putting those words into my heart and also the fertile soil of my children’s hearts! 

So then I also went over to read Ann’s blog tonight and her post was right where I have been today!  Focused on scripture – please take a minute and check out what she has to say.  Such wise words she shares!


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