Just another country day : COWS

So, on Wednesday, Robert was asked if he want to go by and help a guy from work with his cows.  I think this was a chance to learn a little, help someone out and have a good time.  So he took our oldest, who was more than eager to go and help out!

I sent them with the camera all charged up!  My son usually is walking around snapping pics of everything here, his siblings, the carpet, bugs, etc.  That day, with a ton of things to photograph, he kind of forgot!  Robert had to remind him to take some pics well into the morning.  But, here is what he was able to grab…


the bull

The bull


all penned up 

big fly

a fly he thought was huge!

 giving shots

Ray Daniels – the owner of these great cows & Robert’s co-worker

lookin' at me

Just watching my boy

 ready to go

Here they are all loaded up

 rounding up cows

Here are some more cows they got into the pen to inoculate and check on.

So it was a fun day!  My men came home worn out – my boy went straight to bed – he was plum tuckered out!  But he had tons of fun!  Last night at work Ray told Robert how impressed he was that J was not afraid of the cows at all and that he was a lot of help!  He warned him if we are not careful we will be showing steers in no time!

Either way, I think it was a good day.  Did I tell you one of these fine young cows will be in our freezer next week?  I cannot wait to not buy any more beef in the store and be able to feed my family a well raised cow that has been grass fed its entire life! 

I love the country!


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