moments slipping by

I have been trying to figure out how to live each day – to grab each moment and get everything I can out of it.  Instead of just schooling and going through the motions, instead of being distracted by a to-do list that is always “to-do” and never “done”.  Being where I am at the time it is happening and now somewhere else mentally or emotionally.

How do we do this?  How do we live each  moment of the day grabbing the moments we so often try to get back once they slip by?  Some days I do better at this.  Saying yes to the simple and frequent requests for a walk, or a game of cards, or the reading of a favorite book.  But all too often the “no” slips out before I can even think of why I would say no.

I started out the year with a list.  It was a simple one.  Not goals for the year, not a list of to-do’s – instead a simple list on my mirror in my bathroom, reminding me of who I want to be this year.  A mom who says yes.  A woman who puts truths into her heart to take up residence there.  A wife who honors the man who works so hard to provide for this family of ours.  Making it a priority to spend 10 in 10 (10 minutes in prayer and Bible reading) each morning.  I hoped to delight in reading to my blessings instead of just reading to check a block (whether for school or just when asked to read).

And now, this year is passing by, the days are few at this point – and yet still so many moments to grab.  How am I doing?  I am not sure I have accomplished any goals enough to check them off – not that I would check them off, they were intentionally chosen as reminders – as things to do better.  And yet, I have said yes a few times without thinking, I have made prayer and scripture a morning priority.  And yet, there is so much further to travel.  So as these days of 2010 slip away, I need to continue to try to remember my list of “Today I want to:” and be more of the woman I think God wants me to be.  Do less on my list – really what will those items matter with respect to eternity?  Very little.

So for now, I will ponder how to put more of me into my family & less into those pesky lists (even if I do enjoy checking those items off) and I hope to grab a few moments that would have otherwise slipped by!

Here was my list of 2010 – wonder what 2011 will look like….

2010 : Today I want to

~Follow and serve Him

~ Read my Bible for 10 minutes

~ Spend 10 minutes in prayer

~ Be a loving & patient wife

~ Be an intentional Mom

~ Say yes more

~ Read to my children for the sake of joy

~ Be frugal with our money

~Plan ahead (meals, time, etc)

~ Encourage someone

~ Spend some time doing something


And now I need to read to 4 clean, snuggly kids before they depart for dreamland, and there is a certain Dr. Doolittle waiting for us!

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