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Wanted  to share this great fall craft idea – but you could use the same idea for any season/holiday!Fabric_Ornaments3 fall

We had an impromptu visit from my sister-in-law Lisa yesterday and it was fun showing her our new house and watching the enjoy playing together!!

We tried to pick some persimmons for Lisa’s mom – but then decided that they were not the ones she likes to eat.  But here are the kids trying to pick some..

PJ in a tree 

pickin' persimmons


Here is Floyd (Lisa’s dog) playing in the back with our girls (Lucy & Polly)



floyd and the girls

And there is always a project under way here at our new abode..

the latest is the floor – Robert was DONE smelling the old carpet that has “who-knows-what” living in it!  So he started pulling it up..

no more carpet

And started putting down some new wood!!

start of new floor

Meanwhile, we found a treasure of sorts under the carpet in the boys room – the original wood floor!!  This is a treasure because we are going to restore it and have that as our flooring in the hall and boys room.  Our little girl has begged to keep her carpet so her floor is “soft” so for now, the carpet will stay, but eventually we will restore her floor to the original wood too!  The sorts is because it will take a lot of work to get this looking good, but it will be worth it!

kids future floor

Here Katie is enjoying our temporary remodeling with the piano right behind the couch – she likes to walk on the keys and evidently sleep on the cover too!

  katie's perch  

Make sure you check out our nature blog too!  I plan to get more consistent about posting pics the kids have taken around the house and fun stuff we are learning through our Charlotte Mason nature studying!!

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  1. Glad to know you are a part of the blogging world! Looks like y'all are adjusting well to country life! Hope your weekend is going well…see you tomorrow!

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