Going Green

I am so easily inspired.  Really.  I love to read other blogs for crafty ideas, recipes, or some encouragement.

Well, this week Lola inspired me with her green smoothies!  She referenced another blog for a number of green smoothies and since it has been a while I thought we needed to have a yummy green smoothie!

So we enjoyed a green pumpkin smoothie!  About 2 c of fresh baby spinach, about 1-2 tablespoons of ground flax, 2 bananas, about 2 cups of milk, and about 2 cups of ice.


malakoff life new floor 001


It seemed to be a hit!

malakoff life new floor 002 malakoff life new floor 003

Check out AGs outfit – she put together herself!  She got some new socks and decided to make it a pink day!

malakoff life new floor 004 


malakoff life new floor 005

And finally, today we picked up our veggies!  So excited!!

Dinner: Swiss Chard sautéed with some onion, tossed with pasta and parm cheese!


malakoff life new floor 010


School has gotten back on track after 2 weeks of too many trips and too much playing!  Life is just so much better here when we are really schooling!  We have added map drills to our weekly rotation and hte kids are living it!  We are working on Europe right now and it is fun to see them learning different countries – even the little ones coloring in a few each week! I think we are going to thoroughly enjoy map drills!

We have changed out handwriting practice too – instead of me just doing a dictation passage I pick at some random time, I have given then the passage to practice all week and then on Friday will be our “test” to see if they have learned the words, the punctuation, and everything else.  Instead of me saying “figure it out” as we go along, I think I am setting them up for success now!  Loving that too!


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