thankful thursday

just reflecting some thanks for

~ allergy drugs that Betsy told me Lisa liked – and they work & I think they are allowing me to survive this crazy Texas weather!

~ watching 25 chickens grow up – and holding one while it took its last breath

~ kids who take the trash down while playing on the dolly – so that I do not have to haul it all to the street 🙂

~ a church where the truth is spoken

~ sweet smells at the end of my drive way among the pine straw and fall leaves

~ pumpkin coffee creamer with some fresh ground coffee on a cool morning

~ lavender scented lotion that reminds me of my mom every time I put it on

~ a husband who checks on the chicks before bed and when he gets up

~ friends who encourage

~ a wood floor that is coming along and is sure going to be a great change in our new home

~ fall weather and that cool breeze blowing in the windows and listening to it move through the trees surrounding our home

~ sweet puppies who are fun to play with and are learning to adjust to life with our busy family

~ schooling my children in a wonderful school building

~ finding a few moments to dig out the sewing machine and create

God is so good and if you look he is in everything we do and see throughout our day!  Hope you see him everywhere today!


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