just a few words

It’s Sunday.  I am worn out!  We just got home from the Fall Festival at our church and I am plum tuckered out!

Things have been busy around here with these new chicks (they need lots of water and food), the puppies, the cat has taken to the counters, and normal life.

So here are some pics from the last few days – I plan to update more later this week…

 malakoff life new floor 008

A recent sunrise – we have beautiful sunrises and sunsets!!  Love that!!

 malakoff life new floor 011

Our chickens arrived on Tuesday!


malakoff life new floor 013 

They were crammed in that small box – all 26 of them!

 malakoff life new floor 017

My girls – these will be our egg layers

 malakoff life new floor 022 Here are my boys – our future meat birds!


malakoff life new floor 024

We did get these cute Sweet Dumpling squash with our organic veggies this past week!  They were pretty cute!  I decided to bake them with some butter and spices.  Here is a half all finished!

malakoff life new floor 025

Big hit with the family!!  They were yummy, paired with sautéed spinach and beet greens, with a side of beets!  yummy supper!!


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