I wake up in this new house every morning, and I think to myself how I love it here.  I love the open land that surrounds our “homey” home.  I love the trees.  I love the sunrise over the school building – and how it peeks through the trees.  I love to hear the coyotes at night as they wander this area.  I love the smell of pine at the end of our driveway.

But, most of all, I love it here because I know this is where God brought us for this season of our lives.  He brought us to this house, to our church, to this place.  And when I see this


view from my porch


I am reminded that he is SO good I could never fathom it.  For him to create such an amazing sunset almost every night here, I am simply awestruck over his creativity, his beauty and his love for us.


sky ablaze


He is a magnificent creator – and I love his work!!


 sunset tonight

And I am a mere mortal, and yet one of his many creations – and I know that he sees me as just as beautiful as these images of his amazing sunset!  He makes no mistakes – and he sees each one us as unique and beautiful!!

Hope you were blessed today by his goodness!

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