animals everywhere

We have made some recent additions and many improvements around here!

Robert has done a fantastic job with the chicken coop this past week!  It turned out great – and the chickens seem to love it!  Today we added the grazing yard for them and they were even happier!  Well it seemed that way anyway!  It took a while for a few to venture out of their coop – but those that did found lots of goodies waiting for them!  They were offered many fresh grasshoppers and other yummy bugs!  They enjoyed some dust bathes as well!

 farm life fall 2010 001 Here is our coop with our detachable grazing cover.

farm life fall 2010 004

You can see the ramp they can use to go in and out of the coop – and you can see all our sweet young chickens enjoying the sun, fresh air, and bugs!!


 farm life fall 2010 005


Here are a few hoping for some grasshoppers!


farm life fall 2010 007


Here is the inside of the coop- there are not nesting boxes yet, but they will come before the girls need them!


farm life fall 2010 006

Another shot of their coop – lots of room and a warm light – what more could they want!?


So our latest additions are here:

farm life fall 2010 012

This is Shasta our new male barn kitty – he is super sweet and very cuddly!


 farm life fall 2010 008

This is Aravis – our sweet female barn cat – Shasta’s sister.

(she looks a bit mean, but she is not!  She has a beautiful face)

They came to us through a friend whose cat got out the week before getting fixed – and here are the results!!

So we have 2 great little cats – about 10 weeks old.  They currently live in the school – until they get a little bigger.  We are hoping they knock out our gopher infestation – and also fight off some snakes this next spring!!

Life is rolling right along here on the Farm  – it is starting to really turn into a farm with all these animals!  The chickens are getting quite big (especially compared to their size when they arrived!) – the puppies are completely adjusted.  They enjoy playing with the kids each day once school is over, they love to run around our property at times too, but all too often end up at the compost – they think it is an open buffet I think!

Katie is settled in wonderfully – she is sure she is the queen of the house – especially when the puppies are around – she loves to torment them!

Our real children are in heaven with all these animals to play with – but with the fun comes lots of work as well – good habit training for them!!


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