drizzling days

Nov Malakoff pics 033

I love to sit and watch the rain fall, watch the puddles form, and the pond fill up.  I love the rhythm of the rain and all that it offers to the dry land.


Nov Malakoff pics 039

That is how quiet time is too.  It quenches a thirst that lingers without it.  It soothes a weary soul.




Today I am thankful for so many things,


Nov Malakoff pics 036

~ for the rain on the driveway

~ for the sun peeking from behind the clouds


martinez pics fall 2010 015 

~ for hungry chickens each morning

~ for sleepy puppies reluctant to wake

~ for 4 boisterous children too anxious to wake and make noise


martinez pics fall 2010 164


Nov Malakoff pics 020

~ for a husband willing to work here and there – everywhere

~ for the routine of school, and pouring of truth into little minds

~ for Bible study after breakfast dishes are cleared

~ for a boy of 6 who tells me Bible stories as I sew – and delights in what he remembers, and a momma who gently reminds him of the missing details

~ for cutting firewood on the land for the fires to come


Nov Malakoff pics 001

~ for bonfires on cool mornings

~ for sneaking away from this place to another to sew and fill my creative cup that has been running empty for a while now

tamales 010

~ for a visit with family that fills that cup to overflowing – for making memories (and tamales), having fun, and just being together

~ for cold weather coming and the fires we will have to keep it at bay!!

advent button

~ for the promise of HIS coming – for Advent and all that this season brings forth

{for a free Advent devotional click HERE to go to Ann Voskamp’s download}

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