feeling so blessed

We had a great weekend – fun Christmas Celebration with Brian & Lisa,  then a great Sunday at FBC Malakoff.  We started teaching our 1st grade Sunday school class yesterday and then helped out with Sunday night kids service too.  So much fun!  Getting to know these little people our church brings in on the bus each week – three times each week!

Above are a few of our Sunday night kids with their “sugar” snack of Christmas Trees.

God is just so good – he is good when times are tough, and he is good when things are going well.  I feel so  blessed to praise him these days when things are good!!



I am not sure of my count of my gratitude list, but here are the things I am pondering and praising today..

~ fresh warm bread out of the oven on a cold morning

fbc christmas 019


~ sweet sibling love


fbc christmas 023  


~ homemade ornaments hand-stitched by little boy hands


fbc christmas 022

~ waking to a fire in the living room, started by a thoughtful husband

fbc christmas 021


~ a sweet girl reading/listening to a wonderful gift book!

~ kids who can let the chickens out and check on the kittens so mom does not have to every day

~ the early planning stages for a 3 generation/2 family Girls (only)  trip to NY

~ upcoming night out with my husband – it has been since maybe, May for the last one

~ the sign of a chicken recovering from being chewed on by a puppy

boys coop

~ new chicken coop for the boys (with many upgrades and modifications!!)

~ teaching children and seeing that they are getting it – hoping they keep it and share it

~ time for crocheting on the couch watching football with Robert

~ homemade chicken/turkey soup from the Thanksgiving bones from the freezer – yummy

~ for children (loud, messy, dirty, and all the other bad stuff – but loving them no matter what – because they are mine!)

~ for children (who love, hug, encourage, love God, help out, and all the other good stuff – and loving them no matter what – because they are mine)

~ for waiting – on Him – on him – waiting.  Trusting while waiting and praying – the most important part!


1 thought on “feeling so blessed

  1. I love your list….my husband wants a farm and chickens. Perhaps one day…if it is HIS plan. LOVE your bread…it is such a blessing, isn't it…how the bread warms the home….the bread of life…..amazing!

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