Christmas Prayers


So we added a new tradition this year to our repertoire.  I am pretty careful about what we add to our Christmas celebrations, but we are really enjoying this one!

Each year we used to put return address labels into a basket near the dinner table – as they came in and we were supposed to pray for those people each night.  This year I knew our cards would arrive late since our address has changed and many people still do not have it.

So, this year I went through our current card address list, added the new people from Irving and from elsewhere and I hand wrote all their names on their own 3×5 card.  I put them in a box for 3×5 cards and it is on our table.  Each night we send the box around and the kids each pick out a card and read that name – we help the little two.  Now there are a few parts to this that have made it lots of fun.  First, I get to tell the kids who that person is (unless they already know) but I got to tell them about my roommate at Ft. Campbell before getting married and how she has a little guy now.  Then we talked about Angel my high school best friend, and so on.  So it has been fun to introduce many friends to my kids as we go through.  But then to see them get so excited when they pull a name they know!  They delight when it is a fun friend or relative!!

Then after they each pray for the people on their card, we put the card in the back of the box.  So we are praying for 4 families each night as we eat supper together. 

We are all loving this!!  The kids are so quick to remind us that we need to get our cards – and they actually are the ones to suggest we pray too!!

So this has been a great new addition to our daily lives.  We are praying more, thinking about friends near and far, and praying for Christ centered Christmases for those we love.

This is working well for us!




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