I love Mondays

I know I have said this before (maybe a couple times) but I love Mondays.  I love what they hold for the week – the promise of a new beginning, a new school week, new to-do lists, and fun things to do!

I also love that Ann Voscamp inspires us to offer our gratitude journal on Mondays. 




Today I am grateful for

0217~ friends coming to play

christmas 2010 004

0218~ sitting on Sunday by the fire while I sew and my boys learn needlepoint


christmas 2010 007

0219~ a surprise gift – a handmade rug from generations past (Thanks Uncle Kelley)

0220~ watching the Polar Express with children mesmerized and delighted (thanks Guardian)

christmas 2010 016

(our Jesse Tree Ornament Holder)

0221 ~ finishing projects and not just starting new ones! 🙂

0222~ sparkling lights in the house and the school

0223~ chickens getting big enough to eat (almost)

0224~ boys with a heart to serve – before their time, but still precious


0225~ seeing Santa (for fun)

christmas 2010 015

0226~making homemade ornaments

christmas 2010 013

0227~ Mom’s night out – crafting, yummy food, and fellowship


christmas 2010 014

0228~ finding an old chess board + a new-found chess set = chess games daily between 4 children

0229~ hot showers, peppermint tea, and tea tree oil for a sweet son having bronchial issues

0230~ a friend to tell me what I need to do for that sweet boy – see above {Thanks Jennifer}

0231~ spending an hour in the middle of the night with my sweet boy – feeling blessed to have him to spend that time with; peppermint teat to soothe a sore throat, sprinkled with lots of smiles

0232~ a warm fire on a cold morning – in the house and the school!!


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