Teaching little ones about Him

{Okay, I started this post several weeks ago, but there is still some great info here, so I thought I would go ahead and post it.  Hope something is helpful to someone!  We have used a number of these topics/items and they have been great!}


It’s Christmas and while it is easy to sit down with my kids, read a few great books, and talk about what it all means, you cannot do that with a classroom full of kids – many of whom their parents do not come to church.  So I am trying to build my tool-box with things I can use with our 1st grade Sunday school class that we start with this week, and with our 4th grade Wednesday night class that we will be with again this week.

Here are some things I am going to use, file away, and hope will work!!

Twas the Night Before Christmas (fill in the blank)

Bingo (not the one I already have, but looks like a good one) – we will use M&Ms and have some sort of simple prizes

Advent Lesson  – followed by Jeopardy game to see if they learned anything (I am compiling a bunch of articles to go through and then teach an overview of)

Jesse tree Lesson – followed by a game of some sort to,again, test their retention of what we talked about – we may color some ornaments and have a paper tree on the wall to tape the ornaments on the tree too.

History of the Candy Cane – Lesson and then hand out candy canes to the kids – maybe give them one to take home with a poem of the story.

History of the Christmas Tree – Lesson and then make an ornament to take home

History of the 12 days of Christmas – not sure on the craft, but for snack maybe the iced ice cream cones turned upside down & decorated with M&Ms – like a Christmas tree?

I think I will make a matching game with each part of the song with the real meaning – and help the kids to remember what we are talking about


The Real Santa Claus Story (for the 4th graders I think) – read the book  Santa Are you For Real? – maybe make handprint Christmas cards like Santa

santa book


Just a few resources and topics that I hope will be of some help!


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