Skating, schooling, and more

Normally, we take about 6 weeks off from school this time of year.  Normally.  This year was not normal.  So we took lots of time off this summer when we were on vacation, looking for a job, relocating, and finally moving.  So, school is chugging right along even though Christmas is right around the corner.

But I love homeschooling, because we can do a heavy day on Monday knowing that we will not do any “technical” school on Wednesday because we are going skating!!

A friend acquired about 75 tickets to skate and rent skates for free.  So fun!!

christmas 2010 018

Here is my boy finally getting the hang of it!  He was so thrilled to get off the wall and skate on his own!


christmas 2010 017 

My dear though, well a different story!  Look at her feet – they are not even going the right direction!  She screeched the entire time around the rink!!

christmas 2010 019


Here she is after her second time around – and can you tell she is DONE??  She was – she would not smile for me at all!!


christmas 2010 027

Our big boy – who also had fun, but had some sort feet when we were all done!


christmas 2010 024

Finally a shot of ED with a friend – he had a blast too!


But on the way to skate we were able to stop and get a group picture with Santa!!
christmas 2010 004

Such a great Santa and a great picture!  I love when we get to do something more than we expected!!


We are still enjoying this season.  We have been making lots of Christmas cards – well we being them.  I have been mailing lots of cards – and making lots of other things.  Here is an ornament I made for the Christmas Party with our 4H group –


christmas 2010 002 I found one online that I liked so I made up my own version.  I thought it came out pretty close to what I hoped for!

  We are looking forward to a few fun days – tomorrow Christmas Party here with our homeschool group!  Then Grammie and Papa arrive for the night while heading down to Houston.

Saturday is going to be lots of fun!  I get to go up to our church to help with our Christmas Store ministry.  We invited some families in our community (and beyond) to come and shop for their kids – for FREE!!  They get 3 gifts, a stocking loaded with goodies and the surprise this year is someone in our church felt that the parents need something too.  So, that person went out and bought $50 gift cards for Brookshires for each family who will be coming!  It is going to be a day of blessings for so many!  I cannot wait to be a part of it!

So, stay tuned, I am sure I will have some fun pics in the next few days!!
Hope Christ is staying in the center of your Christmas celebrations!!

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