It all boils down to choices.  Every part of our life.

There is always a better choice, sometimes we see it before we decide, sometimes it is after in that “20/20 Hindsight” – but sometimes we forget that there is always a choice.  A choice to say yes or no.   Sometimes we just make a decision without realizing that we did say no to something.

It is so hard at Christmas time to make so many choices, I get worn out.  Choices of what to add to our celebration, what to drop.  Who to shop/make for, who to send a card.  What event to attend, which to skip in the best interest of the family.   It all sounds so trivial, but is it really?  I mean, none of it has eternal implications, so in a sense it is trivial, but life here has value and what we choose to do with the time we have is important.


Sometimes these choices plague me.  Really.  They can add/create/multiply anxiety in my life more than I realize.  There are times when the choice is between two really good options and it is painful to say no to a friend or great opportunity, and it is just hard!  But I am trying to be intentional about choices and trying to make the best for our family, even if it means saying no to something fun.




There has not been enough hours sitting at home by the fire, sewing, reading, snuggling, or lots of other _____ings.  I just want to do that.  I want to stay home.  I do not want to venture into the real world right now as the bustling hits an all time high with shopping and spending.  I want to just be here, in our little quiet piece of calm.  I want to continue to pour truths about this season into my children and not turn into the shopping-grinch that snaps from stress.  (that is what can easily happen to me right now!)  I want to bake some more cookies, to make some other fun goodies with these kids who delight to cook!




So that is my goal for this week.  To do less.  We are very nearly done shopping, we may be really done, but I have yet to put it all out and wrap, so there may be a last minute stop here or there – but I honestly think we are virtually done.  So, now I just want to enjoy these last few days as we build the excitement for the Birthday Celebration – as we finish up our Jesse Tree devotions and really prepare for the arrival of Jesus on Saturday.  I want to prepare for him, I want there to be room made for him to come in, and dwell with us more than he was with us.  I want his arrival to be important and special if only through my time and efforts of preparation. 



Like the long awaited guest, who has travelled so far, I want Jesus to enter into our home on Christmas morning and feel like we were excitedly and anxiously awaiting his arrival, and that we are so happy to have him here.  Because.  We.  Are.

In the meantime, I will continue to make choices, each day, each hour, choices for good things and sometimes saying no to other good things.  In the end, I hope that this will have been a season of calm, peace, love, and joy.  Because really, if we do not have those things, what have we?


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