favorite things

Some of my favorite things are the very things I am thankful for

(please over-look my “Monday” post that is happening on Wednesday!)



sweet kitties under the tree

0233.  Catching kitties sleeping snuggled up under the tree (can you see the two of them?)


walking with janelle

0234.  walking with the family on a warm day in December (and Betsy taking this pic so I can be in it)

 big boys

0235.  Chickens almost ready to go to the butcher – and still fun to watch while we wait


 christmas 2010 002

0236.  Watching little ones have a tea party with each other


 christmas 2010 009

0237.  AG and Grammie checking out all the presents under the tree


 christmas 2010 012


0238.  a boy who is being walked by the dogs, well maybe not even being walked…



christmas 2010 037

0239.  Another glorious sunset – I love to watch the sun set here!!


christmas 2010 060

0240.  we love to watch the chickens run around after bugs or simply eat, or lay day (out of sheer size) – they make me smile

 christmas 2010 088

0241.  A husband who works hard so much, but enjoys downtime too with the family.


 ED reading to Grammie


0242 & 0243. A little boy who is delighted to read, and a Grammie who delights in listening (and helping)


 Grammie and AG

0244.  walks holding hands



0245.  the arrival of new guns and a husband who can teach the boys


 puzzle time

0246.  kids who enjoy puzzles and a Grammie who encourages that


We are enjoying some great time with Grammie and Papa (Robert’s folks) this week – some slow time!!  It has been good to take some time to just play and relax!  And it is always fun to share this place and all the living creatures out here with those we love!

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