so simple …… and yet Lovely

I love to get my decorations up early!  We usually get the  house decorated sometime near Thanksgiving Day – I love to have the house reminding me of the season and the reason for our celebration!!  We have a few nativity sets out, we have our Jesse Tree ornaments, we have snow men, and lots more.

But let me tell you, getting it all put away is not something I put off.  After having the house all Christmasy for a month or so, I am ready to have my house back to normal.  This year even more because Robert finished our wood floors days before my mom and Louie arrived and days before Thanksgiving.  So, I was anxious to get things set up the way I wanted them!

So, today we delayed the return to school to  set our house back to normal!  Getting everything put away, a little garage organizing, and a lot of sorting and adding to our Goodwill box.  But, wow, the house feels so good right now.

We had such a fantastic December – a month of really studying why we celebrate, talking about Jesus and who he is, daily devotions, so many different aspects.  It has been one of my favorite years as far as our Christmas celebrations go.  It has been so simply, so slow, and so lovely.

Christmas Day was spent opening presents, playing lots of new games, watching a new Christmas movie, and snacking most of the day.  I felt like I should be making a big meal, but we opted to just enjoy the day and not feel like we needed to follow the “rules” – but to just enjoy the day, the kids, everything.  It was so great!

So today, as the decorations are all packed away, as the house is looking very different there is so much to be thankful for….



0246.  For a simple December 25th – time with each other, lots of games, lots of fun.

0247.  A month of awaiting the arrival of our Savior

0248.  Children who did not mind a simpler Christmas with less under the tree.


stocking time 2

0249.  A home that we love, and starting new traditions in, one that we hope to enjoy for many years to come

0250. Dinner out with the family for Robert’s birthday (@Chuy’s)

0251. watching these cousins enjoy each other

christmas 2010 022



ED and C2 


PJ and C1


 silly face girls


0252. JB and his new BB gun


JB and his BB gun

   0253.  AG and her new fishing pole


AG and her fishing pole

0254.  Christmas Donuts – the tradition continues

Dadwith donutsdy 

0255.  Christmas dinner of fondue in front of the TV – knowing there are no “rules” when it comes to Christmas –

fondue supper

0256.  Knowing Christmas is not something we wrap up, but someone we unwrap all year-long .

0257.  A year of new traditions and old – and enjoying every bit of it!

0258. For 4 children who love Christmas for what it really means and not for what they may get!

0259.  looking back over 2010 and feeling blessed

0260. For 2011 and all it holds for our family!


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