ARMY Win & fondue

It was so much fun to go watch ARMY beat SMU yesterday!!  We were thrilled to be able to go – it was really the big Christmas present for the family.  The kids were thrilled to see their first Army game live.  But….


It was so much more fun to watch them WIN!!  It had been 25 years since they won a bowl game and 14 since they played!!  It was a great day!  Great weather on top of things!  Really it could not have been a better game or day!

on the way to the game

Here we are walking the mile to the game (from our parking spot)

Great shirts thanks to Kristen!!  Love them!!


here comes the team

Here is the Army team running on!!


2 happy fans

Here are 2 excited fans!

 another happy fan

And one more sweet fan!

 final score

Final score – so sweet!!


After the game we trekked out to Fort Worth to my folks’ house to pick up the second box of our Christmas Trampoline!

I have no expectation that Robert would get it assembled today but low and behold…


trampoline and fondue 003


Here it is – the sides were not up yet, but everyone still got to try it out!  The little girl loves it!!   All the sides and netting are up now, just no picture yet….maybe tomorrow!

And tonight, we followed our [now] 3 year tradition of Fondue for New Year’s Eve – and our 2nd year in a row with our friend Bryce!!


trampoline and fondue 014


trampoline and fondue 016 trampoline and fondue 017


trampoline and fondue 013


trampoline and fondue 015 


Fun time for the kids!  Fun time for us too – and yummy!

Happy New Year!!


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