It really all boils down to good stewardship.  How we live our lives.  Do we make the best choices with the resources we have been given?  How do we know what the best choices are? 

First, I do believe there are many grey areas in our lives with regard to choices.  By that I mean, what may be the best choice for me and my family may not be the best for yours.  I think we need to look to where God is leading us (sometimes we lean too much on where we want him to lead us vs. where he is …).  For instance, we homeschool, and I stay home.  But for some families homeschooling is not an option (for many reasons) and so that choice is not black or white – it is really more family dependant.  And I do not think ALL of our choices are Kingdom issues; by that I mean that homeschooling will not get you in, or keep you out of heaven.  So it is not a HUGE issue in light of eternity.


So, back to stewardship.  Lately I have been focused on the stewardship of my healthy – my body so to speak.  You may have read this about my choosing to give up traditional deodorant and have moved to a natural solution.  Again, I am certain this is not for everyone, but I have had some great feedback (Thanks Nicole) and I still LOVE it!  After reading a few blogs yesterday about Coconut Oil I think I am hooked!!   I knew I liked it enough before to order it in bulk, but now I think I am ready to start using it like I order it in bulk!!



I had been using it a bit to pan fry, and well that was about it.  But since reading THIS blog I have ventured out and I used it almost all day! 

Breakfast:  I recently put it in my Steel Cut oats that I cook overnight in my Crockpot – LOVED THIS!!  Instead of butter, I threw in about 1-2 TBSP and it was great! 

Lunch/Dinner : Then I cooked up some spaghetti squash today to make some pancake like things.  I sautéed my onion, peppers, kale in the coconut oil then my pancakes once I mixed them all together! 

Lunch & Dinner : I have used in for rice twice in the last two days and I love the flavor it gives it.  The best part???  This oil is so stinkin’ healthy I am looking for more ways to use it!!

First, I do need to thank my sweet friend Kimberlie who started me on this journey about 7 months ago – she was using Coconut oil as a moisturizer and loved it.  I was not sure I was going to go that route, but I decided to do some research.  I will not go into it all here – but trust me this is a miracle oil.  First, read THIS blog to see what she says.  I buy mine from HERE and you can read more about the oil HERE.  Really I am just amazed at how great this oil is!  And I love to read about how others are using it – and trying it out for ourselves!

So, for our family we are making HUGE strides in the food department.  We have really tried to make some better choices for ourselves and our children. 

We started raising chickens and our broilers (boy chickens) are going to the butcher today – that will be 12 chickens into the freezer.  We already have a cow in there –  grass fed and humanly raised.  We are loving our organic co-cop but getting ready to plant a MASSIVE garden for the spring/summer.  Bread baking is still a routine in our home too.  So each step has been one at a time, not trying to make all these changes at once, but overall it has worked fabulously for our family.

We feel like we are in a place where we are really being better stewards of our health, better than we have in  along time.  I know there are tons of diets out there touting scripture and God’s plan for our food, etc.  And I know there is some merit to it, but really I think it is about eating better one step at a time.  Not allowing food to be our idol.  To enjoy it, but to be able to walk away at any point.  Not saying I am there with say Pumpkin ice cream, or a few other things, but getting there!


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2 thoughts on “stewardship

  1. Yes! We are on a new journey too – food and natural products for feeling better and bettering our health. I have yet to read much about coconut oil though – will do some research on it now. 🙂

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