Words Matter

They matter.  Sometimes we tell ourselves they do not.  Sometimes we let some slip out that we hope do not.  But they do.  They all do.  Words go right into our soul.  Whether we read them, hear them, or speak them. 

Have you ever thought just how much they matter?

I listened a while back when someone far wiser than me was talking about the words we dwell on in our minds.  Do we listen to ourselves, or do we talk to ourselves?  One {listening} is passive, we let our mind control our thoughts – we let those doubts and insecurities drive our thoughts.  But when we talk to ourselves, we are taking control of our thoughts, and we need to speak words of truth. 

But what are we filling our minds with when we are not talking to ourselves?  What are we reading that is depositing thoughts into our minds?  What are we watching (on t.v. or movies) that is going to deposit things as well?

The more I spend time reading the Word each morning and going back through Genesis and reading about Eve, and Jacob, and Isaac, and I see so many things I have forgotten, or maybe never saw before.  I see connections made, how the sin of one man almost mirrors the sin of his son or grandson.  We repeat so much of those who go before us.

When we choose to turn the tv off and not plug into it for a couple hours at night, I find my mind goes to better things.  Whether I am reading a good book, bouncing around on some great Godly’ blogs, or talking with my husband.  Rarely can we find something on that wonderful box of electricity and pictures that will encourage our hearts.  I mean, there is some entertainment factor – but how entertaining is it to really watch some of that stuff?

So, back to words.

Our words come from within us, and they are fed by the things that go into us.  While I have been dwelling in Colossians, verses 1-4 of chapter 1 right now, I am constantly reminding myself of those words.  I am working to memorize the book of Colossians this year with Kristen and Ann – and I am being challenged – but thoroughly enjoying it.  I am finding, the more time I am intentionally putting my mind in Him, the more times he pops to my mind throughout the day. 

When Ann tells us to dismount stress with gratitude {Here – with her free printable on Joyful Mothering}, because I can only feel one feeling at a time, Man!  It works!  When I get frustrated with the energy of my children or a series of blunders by a number of them, I have chosen to defuse the building stress by simply saying (in a whisper to myself, but out loud so my ears can hear) that “I am thankful that I have these 4 children and for enough milk to have to spill it all over the table.”  It sounds ridiculous – really in a way it is.  I mean, more spilled milk on the fresh table cloth.  Or whatever mishap we are dealing with.  I am grateful I have  these kids to have mishaps, my house would be quiet and empty without them (the mishaps and the children).  But honestly, it reminds me that I am thankful for them – despite the situation we are facing.  It is working!  Choosing gratitude!

It helps to have so many parts of my day being filled by Him.  It helps to disarm my anger and frustration.  When it starts to boil up, there is a quick mental reminder (more from the Holy Spirit than from Janelle) to stop and choose.  Choose the emotion wanting to take over, or choose gratitude.

I do not always make the right choice.  I probably never will.  But each time I choose gratitude I feel joy inside, I feel like I won that mini-battle of the mind and of words.  When I am choosing gratitude the ugly words do not come out. In fact, they don’t even come to mind.  I can only think one kind of word at a time and if I am thinking words of gratitude, how can I speak words of anger?

Again,I do not have this figured out.  But after printing Ann’s Manifesto on Joyful Mothering, and reading over it each morning before I dive into my real world, I get a little stronger.  I find it a little easier.  Not easy!  Not always.  But sometimes a little.  And everything starts with a little.  Right?  A little pick leads to a bathroom make-over.  A little easier to say thank you instead of yelling in anger.  A little.

Yes, words matter.  Those we speak to our children, friends, family, strangers, to everyone.  Those words we think in our minds.  We need to speak words of truth in our minds to ourselves – everyday – to give us the strength to speak the words we choose in our day.


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