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jan 13 sunrise

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So, I was failing in the meal planning zone of my life.

I have been really good at this in the past.  But lately, well, lately I cook what I feel like about an hour before we eat it.  This is not a good way to live.  Do you want to know why?

1. It stresses most people out

2. It costs more than when we plan

3. It stresses me out

Okay.  So in the past did well, lately not so well.

But then, we decided to be serious about money.  In the past we have always been a bit serious about money, but now we are “Dave Ramsey” serious.  What does this mean?  It means we are honestly counting each dollar – watching where it goes and not spending it if we do not have it – or until we have it.

So today I went grocery shopping.  I did come up with my meal plan for the next 3 weeks or so.  I knew I needed to plan before I went.  Why?  because I knew Robert was counting the dollars.  Each of them.  Bummer!  Let me tell you, the food costs are so different when you are actually watching where it is all going!

So I walked around with my phone in my hand calculating how much I was spending as it went into the cart.  It is remarkable how much that changes EVERYTHING!! 

I can tell you I made 3 impulse purchases.  No, it was not a magazine at the checkout.  Not even chocolate chips (which we happen to be out of, but do not NEED).  No, my impulse purchases were a big bag of Masa, 2 cans of green chilis, and some frozen corn so I can make some tamales.  And you know what?  I felt bad about those because they are not on the menu for a few weeks, but they are just so good!!  I knew that we could work them in for lunch a couple times and then freeze the rest. 

Wow.  I feel so much better now that I confessed my transgression.

Really though – try it.  Make a plan.  Have a set amount you can spend – and be serious.  Then walk with the calculator and shop.

NOTE : Do not take kids.  If you do require that they are older than about 8.  I did have JB – but he does not beg, whine or throw fits    pay a lot of attention while shopping and it not so bad to manage when it is just him.

I really think we have turned over a new leaf.  Well, I have.  We will see if this is going to last.   I know that with all our dollars being accounted for, there will not be as much extras in the pantry – so I will not be changing up the plan because I do not feel like making what is scheduled.  We are going to be a lot more consistent I suspect!

So here is my meal plan for the next few weeks :

{keep in mind, we like beans and rice, and have decided to eat them often to lower our food costs – we do vary it up, even though it may not be noted}

14 ~ Friday: Beans & Rice

15 ~ Saturday: Sandwiches; Baked Pasta

16 ~ Sunday: Fried Chicken {w/green beans & salad}

17 ~ Monday: Mexican Mountains

18 ~ Tuesday {veggie} : Grilled Steak {with sautéed Shitake Mushrooms}

19 ~ Wednesday: Sweet Potatoes, Sautéed spinach, salad

20 ~ Thursday: Loaded Burritos

21 ~ Friday: Pizza (make your own)

22 ~ Saturday: Spaghetti & Sausage

23 ~ Sunday: Soup

24 ~ Monday: Beans & Rice

25 ~ Tuesday: Meat Loaf

26 ~ Wednesday: Veggies

27 ~ Thursday: Chicken & Dumplings

28 ~ Friday: Pizza

29 ~ Saturday: Slow Cooker Pork Roast (with Root Beer)

30 ~ Sunday: Pork Tacos

31 ~ Monday: Beans & Rice

1 ~ Tuesday {veggie}: Chicken Fried Steak

2 ~ Wednesday :

3 ~ Thursday : Chicken Alfredo pasta bake


3 thoughts on “Getting there

  1. Good luck, my friend. I'm also “getting there”…like you, doing better.

    I think we will just come eat with you. Your meal plan sounds pretty good. Have a beautiful day!!!

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